Birding in New Guinea

4 | I T I N E R A R Y

 Papua New Guinea: Birding Attenborough’s Paradise 2019

Hook-billed Kingfisher, Glossy-mantled Manucode, Trumpet Manucode, Twelve-wired Bird-of-paradise, and Greater Bird-of-paradise. Overnight: Kiunga Guesthouse, Kiunga

Day 9.

Transfer by boat to Kwatu Lodge, birding en route and at Kwatu Lodge In the early morning we will travel by boat up the Elavala River and its tributary, the Ketu River, until we arrive at the locally-owned Kwatu Lodge. We will be birding en route. In the afternoon we will be birding around the lodge. On this enchanting river tour and later around the lodge we might encounter the following: New Guinea Flightless Rail, Orange-bellied Fruit Dove, Pinkspotted Fruit Dove, Palm Cockatoo, Red-cheeked Parrot, Eclectus Parrot, Ivory-billed Coucal, Blyth’s Hornbill, Wallace’s Owlet-nightjar, Starry Owlet-nightjar, Hooded Pitta, MoustachedTreeswift, Shining Flycatcher, Black-sided Robin, Frilled Monarch, Hooded Butcherbird, Lowland Peltops, Black Sunbird, and King Bird-of-paradise. Overnight: Kwatu Lodge, Ketu River

Day 10.

Birding around Kwatu Lodge, transfer by boat back to Kiunga In the morning we will be birding the area around the Ekame and Kwatu lodges. In the afternoon we twill travel downriver by boat back to Kiunga. We arrive in Kiunga and transfer straight to the Kiunga Guesthouse. Overnight Kiunga Guesthouse, Kiunga

Day 11.

Transfer to the Star Mountains Today we will have a full-day road tour from Kiunga to Tabubil in the Star Mountains, birding en route. Overnight: Hotel Cloudlands, Tabubil

Day 12.

Birding the Star Mountains For a full day we will explore this wonderful birding area, the Star Mountains. During this time we might encounter Salvadori’s Teal, Queen Carola’sParotia, Beautiful Fruit Dove, Dusky Lory, Striated Lorikeet, Red-breasted Pygmy Parrot, Orange-breasted Fig Parrot, Bluecollared Parrot, Shovel-billed Kookaburra, Golden Cuckooshrike, Chestnut-backed Jewelbabbler, Wallace’s Fairywren, White-rumped Robin, Obscure Berrypecker, Capped White-eye, Mountain Peltops, Greater Melampitta, Magnificent Riflebird, and Magnificent Bird-of-paradise. Overnight: Hotel Cloudlands, Tabubil

Day 13.

Flight to Port Moresby We will transfer to a flight from Tabubil to Port Moresby. On arrival we will be met and transferred to our hotel. Overnight: Gateway Hotel, Port Moresby

Day 14.

Flight to Tari, birding the Ambua Gap This morning after breakfast we will be met and transferred to the airport for a flight from Port Moresby to Tari in the Hela Province. On arrival we will be transferred to Makara Bird View Lodge. After check-in we proceed to afternoon birding around the bird-rich Ambua Gap. Overnight: Makara Bird View Lodge, Tari 5

5 | I T I N E R A R Y

 Papua New Guinea : Birding Attenborough’s Paradise 2019

Day 15 – 16.

Birding the Ambua Gap and the forests and farmland around Ambua We will have two full days birding in the Ambua area. Maybe we will find Forbes’s Forest Rail, Papuan Lorikeet, Yellow-billed Lorikeet, Orange-billed Lorikeet, Red-breasted Pygmy Parrot, Brehm’s Tiger Parrot, Painted Tiger Parrot, Papuan King Parrot, Sooty Owl, Papuan Boobook, Mountain Kingfisher, Spotted Jewel-babbler, Blue-capped Ifrit, Garnet Robin, Lesser Ground Robin, WattledPloughbill, Yellow-browed Melidectes, Tit Berrypecker, Great Woodswallow, Archbold’s Bowerbird, Lesser Melampitta, Loria’sSatinbird, Short-tailed Paradigalla, Princess Stephanie’s Astrapia, Lawes’sParotia, King of Saxony Bird-of-paradise, Superb Bird-of-paradise, Black Sicklebill, Brown Sicklebill, and Blue Bird-of-paradise. During these two days we will also visit the delightfully “birdy” farmlands of Wata and Tibiki. Overnight: Makara Bird View Lodge, Tari

Day 17.

Flight to Port Moresby Today we will be birding in the area after breakfast, hopefully finding whatever we might have missed during the last two days. We will later transfer to the Tari airport for our flight to Port Moresby. On arrival we will be met for transfer to the Gateway Hotel. Overnight: Gateway Hotel, Port Moresby

Day 18.

Birding Varirata National Park Today we will return to Varirata National Park for another full day of birding. Port Moresby and Varirata National Park boast more enticing species to wrap up our trip (if we haven’t found them on day 2), like Spotted Whistling Duck, Black Berrypecker, Grey-headed Mannikin, Papuan Frogmouth, Barred Owlet-nightjar, Brown-headed Paradise Kingfisher, Yellowbilled Kingfisher, Yellow-breasted Boatbill, White-bellied Whistler, Hooded Pitohui, Orange-fronted Fruit Dove, Graceful Honeyeater, Fawn-breasted Bowerbird, CrinklecollaredManucode, and Raggiana Bird-of-paradise. If time permits, we may also return briefly to the exciting grounds of Pacific Adventist University. Overnight: Gateway Hotel, Port Moresby

Day 19.

Varirata National Park, departure After an early departure at 5:00 a.m. we will have one last morning’s birding at Varirata National Park. After lunch you will be transferred to Port Moresby’s Jacksons International Airport for your international departure flight.

Duration: 19 days

Group Size                          : 6 – 10 (We have a higher limit for this than for most tours.)

Valid Date                            : 31 August – 18 September 2019/2025

Start                                      : Port Moresby

Ends                                      : Port Moresby

Price                                      : US$ 0000 per person sharing,

Max assuming                   : 6 – 10 participants

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